Make a Difference

The StartUp Summer Camp is a 2-week (M-Fri) summer program designed to turn dreams and interest of today’s youth into passions and reality. The program will serve middle and high school males in the Greater Atlanta Area. The goal of the program is to direct teens into a lucrative career in S.T.E.M. based positions and entrepreneurial paths.

Volunteers and speakers are always welcomed to give back to the youth. 

Registration will begin March 1st 2019

Summer Camp time & dates are as followed: 7/8 - 7/19, Monday - Friday from 9am -3:30pm.


  • StartUp T-shirt

  • StartUp Wristband

  • Dress Tie

  • White dress shirt

  • membership fees

  • haircuts

  • StartUp notebook

  • school materials (paper, pens, pencils, folder, caculator)

  • 5 exposure trips (field trips)

  • 2 Team Building Workshops

  • One Book (Change is Progression and Progression is Growth)

  • Weekly activities

  • Weekly session snack

  • laptops


Your donation can sponsor a student for the academic school year of 2019 - 2020. We have a total of 50 students. With your contribution you will a receive a monthly newsletter and a personal video about the progression of the student in school and the program. Sponsors will also receive opportunities to interact with the student in person. Cost to sponsor a student for the 2019-2020 academic school year is $750. Below you will see what this donation covers.


Click the "Donate" button and enter your dollar amount. In the note section write "sponsor a student" and your email address.