Future C.E.O. 


C.E.O. is an acronym that stands for Creating Everlasting Opportunities and serves as a Character Development Program

The primary focus of the C.E.O. program is to create sustainable outcomes in teen’s student and personal lives by being goal oriented, creative, and committed. Through exposure opportunities, apprenticeships, sessions, and speakers teens will be able to identify their passions and pursue the perspective professions in line with their purpose. We will work to encourage, educate, and understand the youth while strengthening their social presence to shape them into successful and responsible young adults.

C.E.O. program is currently at BEST Academy.

Some of the skills and topics taught will be:

·         Self-Identity (Manhood)

·         Setting Goals

·         Professional Development

·         Healthy Relationships

·         Leadership

·         Communication Skills

·         Financial Literacy

With the addition of the C.E.O. program within school systems young men will gain the skills and tools necessary to fully function in today’s society. By giving these young men a new perspective on their personal worth and value we will instill methods and mindsets geared at good decision making to preserve and hone those skills.

The program goal is to be the conduit for a new generation of men. These students will grow into productive males who will provide structure and contribution to family, employment, and community endeavors. Through the realization of themselves as men they will begin to reach out and inspire others to do the same.

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For more information on how this program can benefit your school or organization please visit our website and use the contact information below. 


Juan Moore- Co-Director
Brian Salters - Co- Director

Email: contact@thefutureceo.org

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